Elegant Cabin Refinishing

Equipped to transform your aircraft into your ideal – inside and out!

Associated with excellence since its inception
VIP Completions surpasses all others in scope, service, and craftsmanship.



VIP COMPLETIONS is ready to assist in the realization of every phase of your design:
‘state-of-the-art’ facilities & master level craftsmen
provide a superior standard of completion for our valued clientele.

Our Experts Provide Services In:

⇒ Avionics

⇒ Cabinetry

⇒ Certification

⇒ Design

⇒ Engineering

⇒ Finishing

⇒ Planning

⇒ Project Management

⇒ Program Management

⇒ Procurement

⇒ Sheet Metal

⇒ Systems

⇒ Upholstery

⇒ Quality Control

VIP Completions maintains various certifications in aeronautic completion and completion supporting related fields.
Our facilities are equipped for any eventuality and it is our pleasure to meet the needs of our worldwide clients;meeting all international standards and specifications.


We provide the highest standard of personal accommodation and take into account every aspect of comfort and service.


Your new aircraft interior will be completed based on your unique tastes and specifications:
· using the best designer fabrics & leathers
· granite and/or marble
· your choice of plating finishes
· unique carpet designs (can include made to order carpet designs)

Our team of experts will translate your concept and ideas into a fully developed plan to make sure you are comfortable and satisfied with the project before executing.



VIP Completions pioneered quilted seat patterns, a style that mimics the rich intimacy of top-line automobile interiors. Our serene and classic color palettes add depth and warmth to all our custom interior aircraft designs.

Our interiors are the difference between “transportation” and “luxury” :
·  Elegant styling
·  Opulent materials
·  Plush seating
·  Gleaming accessories
·  Premium, handcrafted components
·  Unrivaled mastery of design

We create luxurious accommodations that ensure long flights are restful and productive.



Our elegantly windswept designs are derived from cutting edge aeronautic engineering and incorporate the most exquisite design elements from classic and contemporary vehicles.

VIP’s expert artisans:
           ·  practice environmentally sound methods
           ·  use of ecologically friendly products

Whether looking for a minor or major change, our designers will assist in finding the best color palette and finish for your craft.



Our avionics specialists adhere to the highest standard of installation and repair; utilizing the best equipment for the quickest and most accurate analysis of avionics functionality.

⇒   Cabin Management Systems
⇒   Cockpit Weather
⇒  Flat Panel Displays
⇒  HD Integration/Upgrade
⇒  High Speed Data Systems
⇒  iPAD Integration
⇒  Moving Maps
⇒  Satellite TV
⇒  Satcom/Iridium Phone Systems
⇒  XM Weather/Radio



The safety and comfort of your conveyance is our top priority, and to that end we provide a wide array of engineering services.
Our technicians work in concert with our design and completion crew to ensure all installations approved and documentation fulfilled.

⇒  Aircraft Documentation
⇒  Flight and Ground Testing
⇒  Electrical Design and Analysis
⇒  Mechanical Design and Analysis
⇒  Structural Analysis
⇒  Flammability Certification
⇒  STC Creation



VIP Completions is a recognized even among experts as outstanding in the field of jet refurbishment and personalization. Exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail have attracted many VIP flight departments – ranging from the governmental to the ministerial, from the professional sector to the private.

Our staff, forerunners in the aviation industry for over 20 years, combine classic and contemporary design techniques in a fashion tailored to your needs.



Our Expert Technical Services Include*

⇒ AirCell
⇒ Cobham
⇒ DAC International
⇒ Dallas Avionics
⇒ EMS Technologies
⇒ Emteq
⇒ Flights Display System
⇒ Garmin
⇒ Honeywell
⇒ Jetcraft Avionics
⇒ L-3 Avionics Systems
⇒ MidContinent Systems
⇒ MidContinent Controls
⇒ Rockwell Collins
⇒ Rosen Aviation Products
⇒ Sandel
⇒ Satcom Direct
⇒ Shadin
⇒ Thrane & Thrane
⇒ True North Avionics
⇒ Universal Avionics
⇒ Via Sat
(International Communications Group)
Our facilities are equipped for any eventuality.
· VIP maintains various certifications in aeronautic completion and completion supporting areas.
· All VIP Completion facilities easily meet international standards
· We provide the highest standard of personal accommodation, taking into account every aspect of comfort and service.

* Our services include nearly all major technical support companies but if you do not see a particular service or company listed, please contact our representatives for specific information or a quote: